Types of Sparring…








In Tae Kwon-do there are many types of sparring. These are mainly set for you to progress slowly and clearly. In Tae Kwon-do you will come across different types of sparring:

  • Three Step Sparring
  • Two Step Sparring
  • One Step Sparring
  • Semi Free Sparring
  • Free Sparring

Three Step Sparring is the first official sparring you will encounter. This type of sparring teaches the student to practise:

  • Timing
  • Distance
  • Focus
  • Correct blocking techniques
  • Correct Stances
  • To Counter Attack

Two Step Sparring is usually practised by an intermediate student. More advanced techniques are used whilst still applying timing and distance. The attacker always begins from right L-stance and forearm guarding block and the defender from parallel ready stance.

One Step Sparring is practised at a more advanced grade (Blue Belt 4 Kup). It is a more realistic form of set sparring and the closest to a real self defence situation. The defence against attack is down to the student’s choice and requires a greater use of focus, timing, speed and reaction to create an effective technique.

The student can also apply:

  • Take down techniques
  • Lock and hold/submission techniques
  • Joint breaking techniques

Semi Free Sparring is a further development of 3 step sparring which involves 3 attacks against an opponent (kicks and hand attacks) The defender blocks and counter attacks.

Free Sparring involves the exchange of techniques between 2 students wearing full safety equipment to avoid any risk of injury. The student should be able to to demonstrate control, speed, footwork, defence and attack techniques.