What is Tae Kwon-do?
Tae Kwon-do is the Korean art of self-defence and means “The Art of Hand and Foot Fighting”. Tae Kwon-do indicates the technique of unarmed combat for self-defence, involving skilled application of punches, kicks, blocks, dodges and restraints. Most of all Tae Kwon-do is about self-imposed discipline.

Am I too old to start?
No! We have people between 5 and 80 years of age who train in Tae Kwon-do. You train to your own ability.  Age is just a number.

How old must my children be before they can start Tae Kwon-do?
We have separate classes for 4 – 7 year olds and 7 years and older.

Do I have to be fit?
NO! Tae Kwon-do will improve your own level of fitness.

Do I have to be flexible?
NO! Tae Kwon-do will improve your flexibility and mobility and your basic all round fitness.

Do I need a special uniform?
NO! Any loose fitting clothes will do, ie. tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt.

Who will be in my class?
People who have no knowledge of Martial Arts/Tae Kwon-do and who are learning for the first time. Also experienced students who can help you to learn.

Will I be able to defend myself?
YES! the skills you will learn will enable you to react to different attack situations using either blocks, restraints, punches, kicks that have been taught in the class.

Do I have to grade (take belts)?
No! It is purely optional. A belt is a visual sign of how you are progressing and your experience.

Can I achieve my black belt?
Yes! There are ten steps to black belt. Starting with the white belt which is given to you at the beginners class. To get to black belt it will take approximately three years and a half years. This will enable you to become mentally and physically competent at Tae Kwon-do.

Do I have to enter competitions?
Entering competitions is purely optional. The competitions are held regionally, nationally and internationally and are split into men, women, boys and girls, in your own belt divisions and then into weights for adults and heights for children.
The TAGB has the most professionally run Tae Kwon-do tournaments in Europe.

Does Tae Kwon-do cater for people with disabilities?
Yes! We can make Tae Kwon-do fit your abilities. The TAGB have black belt students who have disabilities, ie. amputees, blind, and deaf, etc.